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The Flood Museum addresses several important concerns. As the focus of the world shifts more and to the teachings of evolution and scientism, belief in Christ and the hope the he offers is being lost. Belief is under attack, even in religious universities, It is the purpose of the Flood Museum and our Non-Profit, Learning Insitute Foundation, Inc., to bring experiences and information to bring awareness of the cost of Satan's attack on belief.

The Flood Museum opened in July 2019, and welcomed thousands in its first year. The response was amazing, as we watched the Lord work in the lives of those who came, sometimes not even knowing why they were drawn to this new museum. Through COVID and the debilitating restrictions placed on museums in the State of Illinois, we nonethless found opportunities to teach people each month.

And now, with our reopening in 2022 we have already hosted our first Faith & Science Conference with speakers from all over the country, and a Rock & Gem Show that brought thousands to the museum over the 4th of July Weekend to experience the beauty of God's creation, and take a tour of the museum.

The Flood Museum is now free for all visitors, eliminating the barrier for youth and young families who want to visit and learn about God's salvation.

We continue to develop new materials, and to meet with believers all over the country, sharing this important message; It's OK to Believe. We need you help to get this message to everyone who needs it. 

How to Contribute?


There are a number of ways to participate in building the museum.

Of course there is cash. The availability of funds will determine just how fast the museum moves forward. The initial build phase of the museum (including building acquisition, repairs, remodeling and exhibit construction will cost approximately $150,000.

The critical need funds (to allow stabilization of the building and beginning of interior work) are approximately $60,000.

Direct contributions have also been made. We have a goal of $20,00 from these direct, individual contributions.

Materials, artifacts, and equipment contributions have also been made, and are welcome.

Who Do I Contact?

Those willing to participate, or who have additional questions can contact the Museum Director, Dr. Robert Wright, at:



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