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Janauary, 2019


A recent discovery in Great Britain is a case-study in the challenges (and issues) in a biased interpretation of archaeology. 

In this case, they expected, and wanted this site to be 3,000-4,000 years old, so that’s what they saw. It’s actually less than 30 years old, and constructed by the previous owner of the property.

When it comes to fossils, they expect, and want, them to be millions of years old (to support anti-God evolution), so that’s what they see. But, they’re actually just thousands of years old, created in the global flood, just as the Bible says.

Sharks and Dinosaurs

An amazing new fossil find. A species of shark, found in the same sediment layers where the famous TRex Fossil, Sue, was found earlier. 

A shark, alongside a dinosaur. Brought there with the waters of the flood that drowned and buried the land animals in the great Biblical Flood.

Evidence continues to come to light supporting the account given in the Bible.


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