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One of the most important ways we share the message of God's creation is through our museums. You can learn from The Flood Museum's immersive experience through our physical museums, or by hosting a Flood Experience event at your location.

We currently have an operating museum in Illinois and are in development on additional museums in Boise, Idaho; Lehi, Utah; Urubamba, Peru; and Western Kenya.

In addition, the message will be delivered in associated museums being planned in other locations around the world.

In 2019, Illinois PBS visited The Flood Museum. We recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about The Flood Museum ministry.



Our first physical museum opened in July, 2019. It is located in Nauvoo, Illinois. It features the Flood Experience, a Bible exhibit with artifacts from Ancient Israel, the Great Isaiah Scroll, the Shroud of Turin and other artifacts that demonstrate the historical reliability of the Bible.

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