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The Flood Museum



A new Flood Museum is coming to Lehi, Utah. The museum will include the Flood Experience, The Life of Jesus Exhibit, Fossil Evidence Exhibit, The Great Isaiah Scroll, The Same Jesus Exhibit, God's Beautiful Creation Mineral Exhibit, and exhibits that demonstrate the Biblical truth revealed through DNA, Earth's Magnetic Field, and Radiometric Dating.

This museum will also include STEM labs for youth that allow hands-on experience with microscopes (as they reveal dinosaur soft tissue) and fossil preparation in our paleontology lab. Other classes will be added in geology, archaeology, biology and astronomy.

The Flood Museum-Utah expects to open in Spring/Summer 2023.

You can help! Whatever skills you have, or other resources you want to provide, we're grateful for everyone who helps brings the message of Jesus Christ and the truth of God's Word to those who visit the museum. Our mission is to strengthen believers and those who want to believe. Join us!

Email us at

Information on how you can help is available on the help page.

You will still be able to visit the Flood Museum in Nauvoo, Illinois.

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