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About A Flood of Hope

As the world seems to sink into greater and greater despair, people are looking for hope. Although it may seem unlikely that a worldwide catastrophe like Noah's Flood would be a source of hope, it is, when viewed from God's perspective.

The flood is an example of the reality of God's judgment and his love. The judgement is easy enough to understand, the love can be elusive. It is important first to view the world as God saw it in Noah's day. The world had become so corrupt and selfish that anything was permissible. There were no bounds on individual behavior because the source of absolute truth had been replaced by man's own desire. We see evidence of this in the biblical record when it is recorded that men took whoever they wanted in marriage (Genesis 6:2). God is not present in their relationship, it is based only on carnal desire, and is nothing more than a civil contract. The people did nothing but evil continually (Genesis 6:5). It would not be a loving God that would continue to send innocent children into this evil world, where any opportunity for children to know God and experience His love was removed. It may seem like this destruction was an act of anger or demonstrates that God turned His back on this sinful population. Peter tells us that this was not the case. One of Christ's first acts after His crucifixion was to visit the spirits in prison (those who had died). In particular, those who had died at the time of Noah (1 Peter 3:19-20). Destroying the inhabitants of the world, even a world that had become so evil, was not an act of anger but of love.

While God's judgment did come, so did his salvation. Both for those who would die and also for one man and his family. Noah and his sons and their wives trusted God. Moses wrote that they walked with God (Genesis 6:9-18). This was a level of trust that was unique in his world. First, Noah warned the people of the coming judgment, but they did not listen. Then, as Noah built the great ark that would take him and his family through the deluge, the people watched but did not turn to God. Any could have turned to God, but none did. The door to the ark remained open after Noah, his family, and the animals entered the ark. Finally, the waters came, and God himself closed the door. Salvation from judgment was available to all, but their beliefs made them feel they did not need God. Hope was just a step away from anyone who would turn to God. God provided an ark to save those who loved Him. God always provides an ark. Only God can provide the ark we need in our time, and He has done so through his Son, Jesus Christ.


Our work here is focused on strengthening believers' and their families' faith in Jesus Christ as the Creator of the world, and the only path to salvation. As the world focuses more and more on the creation rather than the Creator, hope is being lost. Our families are being destroyed as faith in the only One who can save us is abandoned. 

Our Mission:

To strengthen believers and those who want to believe.

What We Believe:

  • We believe the Bible is the Word of God and is a factual, historical record.

  • We believe Jesus Christ is the eternal God and came to earth in human form to conquer death and bring salvation to all who believe.

  • We believe Jesus Christ created the universe in six normal days, as described in the Book of Genesis.

  • We believe that Adam was the first man, created in God's image.

  • We believe the fall of Adam was the result of disobedience and brought death into the world.

  • We believe the global flood described in the Bible is an actual event that demonstrated God's judgment on the unrighteous, and salvation of those who trusted Him.

  • We believe that Jesus Christ is the author of our salvation, and is the ark in our day, offering salvation to all who believe.

  • We believe true science testifies that the evidence observed in the world clearly demonstrates God's creation, punishment, and salvation.

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