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Consequences of Teaching Evolution

Survival of the fittest has become a justification for getting rid of the unfit. Whether in society, in business, or in family life. Weakness is to be eliminated. This ideal has justified genocide, and fostered racism. The core principles of evolution has dramatic consequences that have not been obvious to many, but are part of Satan's grand plan:

Evolution contends that we are all just animals, the product of eons of accumulated mutations, and animal-like behavior is to be expected, and accepted.

Evolution says that marriage is simply a construct of our social evolution, and does not matter, society can change it. Other animals don’t marry, and yet produce offspring, human animals can as well.

Evolution says that humans are the result of evolutionary forces, and therefore some must be more advanced than others, which would mean that there are races that are less advanced than others, and some classes of people are inherently superior.

Evolutions says humans are animals that are simply more advanced evolutionarily, and disposal of a fetus is no less significant than killing an unwanted animal.

Some of the most horrendous acts in human history, and our present, can be directly attributed to society embracing the anti-God religion of evolution.

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