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The 2022 Faith and Science Conference Sessions


Robert Wright: What Happened to Hope

How has the teaching of evolution and scientism affected the youth of today? Are these theories simply differences of opinion? And can Science and Faith teach the same truth?

These questions will be addressed by Dr. Wright in his presentation, What Happened to Hope? This timely presentation can be a rally call for parents, leaders and teachers seeking to better prepare a generation for the challenges to come before the return of the Savior and serves as the theme for the conference.


Randy Hroziencik: Nothing New Under the Sun

In this presentation, Randy discusses the fallacy that evolutionary thinking began with Charles Darwin in the middle of the nineteenth century. Instead, molecules-to-man evolutionism is an ancient philosophy, having begun prior to the Greeks and continuing on throughout the centuries to the present time.  Join us for a journey through the centuries as we explore the history behind the creation-evolution debate.

Doug Bennett: The Genesis Flood

An in-depth look at the Flood and how it could have happened.  This talk looks at the evidence for a world-wide flood and explains how the features that we see today were produced by the flood.

Helmut Welke: Human Genetics and the Bible

A fascinating and dynamic presentation on DNA including some very recent findings and how they relate to mutations. This talk is for the average layperson. It explains clearly the impact the Fall and curse of sin has had on our genome - which is clearly illustrated in modern genetics.

Ted Wright: The Mount Ebal Curse Tablet

Archaeologist Dr. Scott Stripling discovered the earliest proto-alphabetic Hebrew text — including the name of God, “YHWH” — ever discovered in ancient Israel. It was found at Mount Ebal, known from Deuteronomy 11:29 as a place of curses. Archaeologist Ted Wright will present information on this discovery.

Robert Wright: It’s OK to Believe

This review of recent scientific discoveries will expose attendees to true science operating in complete harmony with faith and the Biblical account.

In 2005, soft tissue was discovered inside the femur of a dinosaur bone by Dr. Mary Schweitzer. Although initially controversial, more discoveries followed. In 2012, Dr. Mark Armitage dug out a large section of a triceratops brow horn in Hell Creek, Montana. It was discovered that the interior of the horn contained soft tissue that was stretchy and pliable. Further research revealed bone cells, nerves and veins.

Dr Wright worked in Dr Armitage’s lab this year, and will share his experience with Dr Armitage’s findings in the exciting new field of Dinosaur Soft Tissue.

This work, along with new research in the fields genetics, geology and anthropology demonstrate the truth of the statement, “it’s OK to believe.”

Byron Schafer: Did Dinosaurs and Man Live at the Same Time?

This presentation traces evidence through time, many different cultures, and scripture that dinosaurs did indeed live concurrently with man.

Randy Hroziencik: The Mystery of Ancient Man

According to evolutionists, ancient man was a dim-witted brute who possessed no appreciable knowledge or skills whatsoever.  However, the further back we look into the archaeological record, the more amazing are the accomplishments of ancient man.  This only makes sense in light of the biblical worldview, and does not fit in with evolutionary thinking.  Join us as we survey the amazing technological accomplishments of ancient man, and tie this into the Genesis account of origins.

Doug Bennett: The Secrets of Peru

A look at the incredible technology that existed in the ancient past of Peru.  Engineering and medical technologies top the list.  See the amazing evidence that man and dinosaurs lived and interacted together.  Evidence from Peru truly defies and destroys the theory of evolution.  


Brian Johnson: The Evolution of Collecting Habits

Ted Wright: The Archaeology of Mt Ararat

Professor Wright will review the latest archaeological evidence discovered at Mt. Ararat and confirmation of the Biblical record.

Robert Wright: The Same Jesus

How has the role of Jesus Christ as Creator strengthened believers throughout human existence? In this important presentation Dr. Wright will explain how the Jesus we know from the New Testament is the same Jesus who created the world. Learn how the events of creation are mirrored and fulfilled by the actions of Christ during his mortal ministry. The God of creation walked among the people of the Holy Land and demonstrated to them that He was the author of everything in creation. This understanding will strengthen believers and help each of us identify the attributes of God in our world and experience.

Panel Question and Answer

All Speakers

This panel will offer attendees the opportunity to ask conference presenters questions relating to their topics, and creation science in general.

A box will be available throughout the conference to allow attendees to submit their questions.

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