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The Flood Museum: Illinois

Noah's World and the Global Flood


1310 Knight Street

Nauvoo, IL 62354

The Flood Museum: Illinois

Opened in July, 2019 the Flood Museum is located in Nauvoo, Illinois. This museum has been featured on Illinois PBS, and has taught the truth of the Global Flood to thousands of visitors.

Our mission is to strengthen believers and those who want to believe. Faith and hope are under attack, and the effect on believers is growing. Belief in God as the Creator is being challenged, and the Biblical account is being ridiculed. Our mission is to strengthen faith by demonstrating that the Bible is an accurate record of God's creation and that the events recorded in it can be observed in the world. The anti-God theories of evolution and scientism are having a terrifying effect on youth and all believers. Standing with Christ and His word is the only way to regain the hope that has been lost. Join us in this important work.

The museum includes:

The Flood Experience: Video, animatronics, and audio experiences demonstrating the world before the flood, inside the ark, the flood, the world after the flood, the rainbow, God’s protection, and His promise after the flood. Common Ground Exhibit: Artifacts and stories from cultures all over the world demonstrating the reality of the global flood and Satan's power to corrupt God's plan for humanity.


Bible Exhibit: Historic Bibles throughout history, including the Bibles of Gutenberg, King James, Tyndale, the Hebrew Torah, the Great Isaiah Scroll, and many others. The Same Jesus Exhibit: Demonstrating the connection of the Jesus of Creation and the Jesus of the New Testament. This exhibit demonstrates how Jesus' mortal ministry is a continuation and confirmation of His Creation.

There is no admission fee to visit The Flood Museum. Our volunteer tour guides are grateful for your tips. The Flood Museum and our programs are funded by purchases in our gift shop, donations to our charity, and purchases at our Rock and Gem shows. The Learning Institute Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charity, and donations are tax-deductible.

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