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Sands of Time

Old-Earth scientific models can’t account for the massive sand deposits in the Gulf of Mexico. They are too massive to have come from river deposits. They are too far offshore, and too deep.

As we know, it was the retreat of flood waters that accounts for the massive sand deposits found there.

The sad part of the story is that because uniformitarianism said “it couldn’t be there”, the massive deposits of gulf oil were missed for decades. This was just one more time where anti-Creator bias led to confusion. Oil is typically found in association with sand deposits, and because these scientists said the sands wouldn’t be there, nobody bothered to look for the oil. But the sand was there, and the oil was there.

Now they’re trying to figure out how the Whopper Sands got there, ignoring the Biblical Flood as a viable explanation, in spite of its logical connection.

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