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The 2022 Faith and Science Conference

May 27th and 28th, 2022

190 N. Page Street

Nauvoo, Illinois

FREE Registration HERE

Speaker Information

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This free conference is sponsored by The Flood Museum and the Learning Institute Foundation.

Featured Speakers Include:

Dr. Robert L. Wright

The Flood Museum Founder

Professor Ted Wright

Founder and Executive Director,

Doug Bennett

Retired US Bureau of Reclamation Geologist

Founder, Ark of Noah Ministries

Dr. Randy Hroziencik

Pastor and Author

Helmut Welke, M.S.

President, Quad-City Creation Science Association

Brian Johnson

Lead Scenic Fabricator, Indiana State Museum

Byron Schafer

Creation Topics Speaker

Lecture Topics Include:

  • The Mystery of Ancient Man

  • The History of the Theory of Evolution

  • The Impact of Evolutionary Theories on Youth

  • The Geology of the Global Flood

  • Man and Dinosaurs

  • Christ is Creator

  • Human DNA and the Bible

  • The Mount Ebla Curse Inscription

  • Mt. Ararat as an Archeaological Site

  • and more...

This conference is part of the Museum’s effort to strengthen families and increase individual faith.


There is a misconception in the world that faith and science are incompatible. The topics discussed at this conference will demonstrate the power of science that is consistent with faith.

At a time when there is so much uncertainty in the world, these messages of faith will bring confidence and hope to attendees. This is a non-denominational conference, and believers of all faiths are invited.

Registration is required and donations are accepted.

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